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Dark circles under your eyes

If you've ever suffered from eye bags and had to hide dark circles under your eyes, then you will know what we're talking about. If you really want to be extreme eye bag removal will sort those dark circles under your eyes - so don't despair!

To successfully hide eye bags, you need to cover those dark circles under your eyes and that takes two key things : understanding and good products.

The first thing to understand about eye bags is that the problem is physiological. That means it has to do with how your body is made up, and therefore won't be cured by any miracle cream. If your circles persist on a daily basis regardless of sleep or lifestyle, it's probably because you have a yellow skin tone. The skin beneath your eye is very thin, with means the blue, un-oxygenated blood shows through. Blue and yellow are nearly complimentary colours, which means the circles will show up much brighter on someone with a yellow skin tone than they will on someone with a pink or bluish skin tone.

What you can do is buy products that technically address the problem. For example, Estee Lauder do a product called Uncircle, and Clinique do a product called All about Eyes. Both of these contain a compound found in shark fins that has been proven to seal up tiny scales in your capillaries, preventing blood from collecting under the eyes where it can be easily seen through thin skin. Another product that works on a biochemical level is called Karin Herzog Oxygen Eye Cream. This product uses hydrogen to transmit oxygen through the skin under your eyes, where it will oxygenate the blood there, turning it from bluish to red. The red colour contrasts less with your yellow skin tone, and is therefore less visible. All of these products work well. Unfortunately, they are very expensive.

If you can't afford expensive treatments like these, you'll have to resort to concealer. If this is the route you want to go, it's important to remember the following tips :

  • No matter how tempting, don't pick a shade that's lighter than your skin tone! You'll end up with white circles instead of black ones.
  • Always test concealer over your foundation. If they blend you've got the right shade.
  • Concealer will go on better with a brush than with your finger. But if you use your finger, use the ring finger as it's weaker.
  • Only use concealer on the inner corner of your eye to avoid emphasizing fine lines.



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