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Collagen gel

If you're experiencing the first signs of aging, Collagen gel supplements could be the answer to 'tired' eyes. Otherwise known as 'filler products' Collagen gel, or Collagen capsules, can reduce or reverse the appearance of lines around your eyes.

Collagen gels claim to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and are advertised as a non-invasive alternative to botox or surgery. But what exactly are Collagen gels and how do these capsules or supplements work to erase wrinkles? How long do the effects of Filler Products last? And are they a good way of combating the aging process?

The first thing to know about Filler Products is that they don't actually get rid of wrinkles. Instead they basically camoflage them, by sitting on the surface of your skin and filling the lines, not unlike they way you use polyfilla in your bathroom. They are generally made with a silicone base, and have light reflecting ingredients that serve to create a "soft focus" effect.

These creams are fairly new to the market, and it's not really been decided definitively how well they work. They are ultimately only a quick-fix, treating surface symptoms. It's also worth noting that because these products have a silicone base, they often don't hold foundation very well, meaning you'll have to re-apply it at intervals.

If you are considering giving these creams a try, some of the best brands include Lanc?me Touche Optimage, Prescriptives Magic Line Filler, and Eyessential. However, if you use these creams alone, you are only treating the symptoms of the aging process. You are better to target the problem itself through using a good eye cream that is specifically geared to fighting wrinkles. Some good ones to try include Osmotics Kinetin, Roc Retinol, Helena Rubenstein Collagenist, Therapy Systems Glycolic Eyecream, and SKII Eye Film.

For long lasting beauty and great looking skin, it's important to combat the causes of aging, not just to cover up the lines themselves.



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