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Questions about cosmetics ?

Are you contantly searching for questions about cosmetics and how you use, apply or select? With so much contradicting information out there about how to use and look after your makeup, it's hard to know what to rely on. You need to have the cosmetic questions and answers nailed down so that you can just get on with looking great!

If it's reliable cosmetic FAQs that you're after, thefitmap.co.uk has done the legwork for you! We can provide you with the inside scoop on cosmetic FAQS you've been looking for. Read on for information you can trust!

Cosmetics do have a 'use by date'.
Cosmetics do 'go bad', just not in the way that food does. Environmental conditions will effect the chemical makeup of your cosmetics, reducing their quality. Also, believe it or not, through using your cosmetics you can contaminate them, by transferring the bacteria on your face to the cosmetic, where it then breeds. If you've had your cosmetics for longer than 6 months, throw them out!

For Sensitive Skin, or Allergy Sufferers, use the Patch Test.

Most cosmetics list whether they are safe for use by people with sensitive skin or allergies. However, if you know you have difficulties, it's always best to do a 'Patch Test' before applying makeup to your face. Test the cosmetic on a small patch of sensitive skin, such as the soft skin on the inside of your wrist, or on your belly. Wait an hour. If you have no obvious reaction to the cosmetic, it's probably safe for use.

Using other people's cosmetics can spread disease.

It may seem harmless enough, but sharing cosmetics can be a good way to contract a disease. Lots of illnesses are spread by exchange of body fluids which can happen through sharing makeup. It's also important to remember that makeup is applied to orifices in the body that are inviting for germs. Just a few of the illnesses that can be contracted through sharing makeup are: Pink Eye, Eye infection, Herpes (Cold Sores), Colds, Flu and Bacterial infections.

Storing your Cosmetics

Cosmetics keep best when stored in a cool, dry, dark place. Keeping your cosmetics out of the wet and heat will discourage the growth of harmful bacteria, while keeping them out of the light, particularly direct sunlight, will help them retain their true shades.



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