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Eye shadow make-up tips

Tired of spending an hour getting your eye shadow make-up on, only to discover that halfway through the evening there's not a trace of it left? If this sounds like you, you're probably desperate for a way to ensure that your eye shadow make-up stays on all night.

Are there ways of applying your eye shadow make-up stay on all night? Are there certain products you can buy?

Unfortunately, there's never going to be a fool-proof solution, however, if you want to increase the chances, there are tips and tricks that you'll want to remember.

The first thing is, if you are in the habit of wearing foundation and powder, put these on your eyelids before applying the colour. Most makeup tends to disappear with the help of the natural oil or perspiration on the surface of your eyelids. If you coat the eyelids with foundation and powder first, they will soak up some of this moisture, meaning that your colour will last longer.

If you want to get a bit more professional, you can buy a product that's made to perform exactly this function, such as Estee Lauder Barely There Mauve, or Clinique's Touchbase Canvas. Both are specially formulated to absorb moisture and act as a base to hold the makeup. You can also spring for a flesh-tone coloured waterproof cream makeup to act as a base for your powders. Instead of absorbing the moisture for you, waterproof cream makeup will act as a barrier between the moisture and your make up. It will also provide a sticky base that will hold powder on.

Any of these methods should help to see that your makeup lasts longer, but none of these is a permanent fix. The best idea is to try a couple of the above, but to bring some makeup along on your night out and keep it in your handbag for touch ups!



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