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The Evo diet for improved health

There are hundreds of diets on the market, but one of the most interesting approaches is the Evo diet - this involves eating as our hunter/gatherer ancestors did thousands of years ago. So what is, and what will it do for you?

Does the way we eat today make sense given our evolutionary history? The Evo Diet looks at that question, wondering what would happen if we ditched our modern diet of processed foods and saturated fats in favor of the sort of diet our more primitive ancestors would have eaten.

The research:

A group of nine volunteers, each of whom had diet related health problems, signed up for the experiment. Just to add to the fun, they were housed in a tented enclosure next to the ape house at Paignton Zoo, in Devon - so no nipping out for a take-away at night!

The diet itself was devised by registered dietician Lynne Garton and King's College Hospital. It included the types of foods our bodies evolved to eat over thousands of years, and was designed to improve cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

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