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Protein, soup & dairy in your weight loss diet

Having dismissed the metabolism myth, the program went on to look at what you can do to actually lose weight. They came up with some interesting findings.

First of all they compared a high carb, high fat, and high protein meal, to find which kept you felling full longer. This is important, because the longer you feel full after a meal, the less likely you are to snack.

They found that the high protein meal made you feel full far longer than the other two - this is in line with several other pieces of research that suggest that high protein diets are effective for weight loss.

NOTE: This is NOT the same as Atkins Diet, which many doctors and dieticians do not recommend.

Another piece of research, which again supported previous findings, was that eating dairy can help you lose weight - apparently dairy products bind to fat in your stomach and carry it out as waste product. So including low fat dairy in your diet (skimmed milk, low fat cheese, yoghurt etc) can help you lose weight.

Finally, they demonstrated that soups fill your stomach more than solid food, and thus leave you feeling full longer. As long as they are healthy (low fat veggie soup, chicken soup etc), soup can make a useful part of a weight loss diet.

This supports what many dieticians and nutritionists are now recommending, that the ultimate way to lose weight safely is to follow a high protein diet, with the majority of your carbs coming from fresh fruit and vegetables, rather than processed sources (e.g. not white bread, rice, pasta, potatoes) - and stop blaming your metabolism!

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