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Weight training workouts to boost metabolism

Recommendations for fat burning weights workouts:

  • Around 10-15 reps per set
  • Training to the muscle failure on the last set.
  • Keeping your rest time between sets short below 60 seconds
  • Using compound exercises that work several muscles at once - bench press, bent over rowing, squats etc.
3. Exercise twice a day

According to scientists from the University of Virginia, multiple daily bouts of exercise lead to a progressively greater rise in growth hormone (HGH) levels - a key to the rate at which you burn fat.

When they looked at subjects who cycled three times per day, they found that that on their second workout of the day their growth hormone levels rose 109% (compared to workout one), and on their third workout, it increased to 120%.

So if you struggle to fit one long workout into your schedule, try two shorter training sessions - maybe weights in the morning and a run in the afternoon. You'll lose more weight for the same amount of effort.

4. Eat more protein

We need to eat loads of carbohydrates - right? Well maybe not. A Swedish team compared two diets over six days, both containing an equal number of calories. However, while one group derived 8% of their calories from protein (normal), the other ate 21% protein (high).

The results were startling. At rest, the high protein group burned 37% more fat than those on the normal protein diet. Additionally, when they looked at calories burned after exercise, the high protein group were found to be burning 18% more fat. The implications are clear - eating more protein and less carbs will help you lose weight. Cancel that extra portion of chips.

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