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Over eating

Sadly over eating is a commonplace occurance in a society where so much food is readily available to us all the time, . As a result of our culture's want-it-now mentality, we often stop listening to what our bodies actually need.

Over eating leads to unecessary weight gain and even obesity. When planning your diet, one of the first things you need to do is understand and curb the tendancy towards over eating.

One of the biggest culprits of over eating is consuming your meal too quickly. Your body has a built in sensor to tell you when you are full. This sensor is usually activated about fifteen minutes after you begin each meal. If you rush through your meal, you won't give your body the time to tell you when it's had enough. Slow down and make sure you are really tasting and enjoying your meal. Steer clear of having a meal on the run, or while you are performing another task or watching TV. Pay attention to your food, and savor the meal. Set aside at least half an hour for meal times.

Don't load down your plate. For many people, there is a left over belief from childhood that you must finish everything on your plate. This isn't the case. Try bringing dishes to the table and allowing people to serve themselves. Start with a moderate serving, and have more if you find you're still hungry at the fifteen minute mark.

Spend more time over the preparation of your food. Buy good quality food, and see out interesting, tasty recipes. If you are really enjoying the flavour and texture of your food, you will be less likely to rush through it, and you'll feel more satisfied.

Lastly, remember that the odd indulgence won't ruin your diet. A little indulgence now and then is good for you and will actually help you stay on track because you won't feel you're being denied. If you do find that you've consumed too much, don't berate yourself, just get back to listening to your body the next day.




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