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Calorie burning

Have you ever wondered how about your calorie burning rate each day? Probably not, but you might have wondered how much energy you use in a day.

For anyone embarking on a programme of weight loss, a calorie burning calculator can help to keep you in touch with what you are consuming and burning off.

The Calorie Burning Calculator makes quick and easy calculations over a whole range of activities, from running to housework, cycling to sex!

Using any calorie burning calculator is relatively easy - look down the list and find your daily activities, decide how long spend on each, and enter the information into the programme. The range of activities offered is amazing. You do aerobics? Great - choose high or low impact. A cyclist? No problem - there are choices for riding indoors or out, and how fast you ride. If you work out in the gym, you can choose between rowing, stair climbing, or lifting weights.

More into sports and team games? How about football, tennis, golf or basketball? An outdoor warrior? Check out the rates for walking and running - there are even options for your speed at these

But it doesn't stop there - using this handy programme you can also input how much time you spend per day on gardening, housecleaning, mowing, raking, playing with the children, and yes, even sex!

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