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You're just getting started, and you need help - our health and fitness calculators could be just what you need.

Thefitmap.co.uk is loaded with useful information to help you make smart choices, and one of the best ways is to learn more about your body and your lifestyle - our health and fitness calculators can help you do that.

Our health calculators cover a number of areas. Some can tell you about your body - for example, do you know if you are an apple or a pear? Research shows that your body shape has important implications - knowing if you are apple shaped or pear shaped will not only reveal wellness issues you should be aware of, it can also provide clues as to what workouts will work best for you. Another important consideration is your Body Mass index, or BMI, which is a quick way to tell if you are overweight - we can provide this useful information in seconds.

Knowing about your body is only half the story - we can also tell you about the all important subject of calories. At thefitmap.co.uk we have tools which will allow you to measure both the calories you consume, and also how many you burn in a typical day. Understanding the ins and outs of calories is a great way to get your weight under control.

And finally, we can help you to understand what's happening to your body when you work out by learning about your target heart rate. So whatever information you're after, we have the tools to deliver the answers. Give them a try - they're fun and easy to use.




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