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Smart energiser gel information

If you are looking to really ramp up your performance, consider using Smart Energizer Gel. This is a product that has been designed by the Sport In Science team that is meant to help provide you with even better performance than their regular Go product.

The Smart Energize gel will deliver you the carbohydrates your body needs in order to keep exercising effectively, but it will also give you a dose of caffeine, thereby providing that extra kick when you really need it.

Smart Energizer Gel is available for purchase either singularly, or else in trays of 30, making it convenient for you to stock up so your needs will always be met.

It comes in a berry flavour that contains Blackcurrant Anthocyanins and Bioflavenoids. This further enhances the benefits that you'll see when you consume this product.

Be sure when you are first starting to take this product that you play around with the timing of it a little. You need to assess how your own individual body reacts to the incoming fuel so that it does not affect performance in a negative way whatsoever. Furthermore, be sure that you do not take this product too close to bed time as that could cause issues with going to sleep.




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