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Powerade Aqua+ sports drink

For those who are trying to keep their diet as natural as possible, Powerade Aqua+ is just the product they need.

Powerade Aqua+ has been designed to help you achieve the highest level of performance and reap the most benefits from your workout by providing your body with the potassium and sodium electrolytes that are critical for the exercising body.

One of the best things about Powerade Aqua is that it is free from all artificial preservatives, colours, flavours, and sweeteners. More and more, various individuals are starting to be careful of any of these additional additives in their diets, so if this is your concern, then you can feel safe consuming this product.

It also only contains a total of 80 calories per bottle, making it an excellent choice for anyone who is dieting and not exercising with a great deal of intensity.

It has a natural lime flavouring, making it appealing to most people who choose to use it. Furthermore, since it is a hypotonic solution, you can consume it before, during, or after your workout and you will not need to worry about an excessive level of carbohydrates causing problems with absorbing the fluid in the body.

So, for the very healthy approach, consider adding this product to your workout regime.




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