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Gatorade performance series

The Gatorade Performance Series, like the name suggests, is a set of products that are designed to help you achieve a maximal level of performance. These products are great for both high-level athletes as well as those who are just looking to improve upon their current fitness levels.

The Performance Series line of products are backed by over 40 years of research, all targeted towards the athlete who is exercising with intensity.

The main goals that are achieved when you use the Performance Series are going to be to ensure you stay hydrated if you are involved with endurance activities, help to provide energy to the working muscles, therefore helping to delay the onset of fatigue, as well as give you an option for meal supplementation, making it easier to reach your diet needs without spending an overabundance of time in the kitchen.

One of their newest products is the Protein Recovery Shake, which contains all the essential amino acids that are needed to help promote protein synthesis. The carbohydrates that are contained in the drink are also going to enhance the uptake of these amino acids by the body as well as help to speed up the restoration of glycogen replacement. Finally, the beverage will help to replace any sodium that is lost through the sweating process, preventing any chance that muscle cramps are experienced.




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