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Bio Sauna

A bio sauna is a gentler form of sauna than that of the traditional Finnish ones as the temperature is not as hot. At forty to fifty degrees Celsius, a bio sauna has a comfortable temperature that is not overpowering or exhausting. Humidity is generally a bit higher at approximately fifty percent.

This means that while less aggressive, your body will still perspire. With a bio sauna, you will often find that essential oils and colour therapy are also used to increase the effects.

What are the benefits?
Some people find the more classic ones too hot to be comfortable, whereas with this type, the environment stays pleasant and you can sit for longer periods.

The increased humidity means that though it's less hot, you will still sweat bringing toxins in the skin to the surface where they can be washed away. This will deep clean your skin leaving it soft and smooth as well as helping to prevent infections or illness. It also helps the respiratory system, especially if essential oils are infused into the air. Circulation is promoted in a healthy way that does not put undue strain on your body.

This helps to promote your body's natural healing systems and to make you stronger in yourself. Colours and music may be used to further create an environment that is deeply relaxing. This is an ideal way to escape from the stresses of a hectic lifestyle and really unwind. You'll leave feeling cleaner, healthier, and chilled out.



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