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Body wraps

An acient form of treatment, Body wraps involve using water and cloths to heal your skin. There are many different types of body wraps and they were originally used in Europe in the 19th century by Vincent Priessnitz as part of his now famous cold water cure.

Body wrap treatment (envelopment treatments) often vary in their temperature and moisture level to stimaulte the skin and they are proving to be an increasingly popular form of treatment.

What are the benefits?

The different forms are used for different effects. They all however are good for relaxing your muscles, removing toxins, and stimulating your immune system. Through heating or cooling the skin, circulation can be improved and the nerve system re-energised.

The dry blanket method is intended to make you perspire and is particularly effective against chronic rheumatism. A cool moist blanket is considered one of the most powerful of water treatments. It detoxifies the body and can ease chronic diseases. It's also very good for helping you to overcome fevers. Hot moist blankets are good for sciatica, chronic neuralgia, and rheumatism. This method gets rid of metabolic waste through making you perspire very quickly. It can ease indigestion and other blockages within your organs.

The temperature and the length of treatment tends to vary depending on what results are sought. Sometimes a cold blanket is left on until it becomes warm in order to help rid the body of fevers and increase circulation. Being cocooned in a blanket or sheets can be very relaxing. The alternating temperatures often prove invigorating and leave you feeling re-energised and better in yourself.



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