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Botox treatments

All the latest rage in high brow (sorry!) society, what is botox treatment or a botox injection and what does it do to your skin?

In essence they are an injection that reduces the movement of the muscles that cause frown lines and is most often used in people ages 18 - 65. These lines can have many causes - aging, too much sun, stress - and will deepen further with the passage of time. Botox treatment and injections help you to slow this aging.

What to expect?
When you go for botox treatment, you will most likely follow the same procedure as if you were going to any doctors appointment. Though not all experiences are the same, you would most likely arrive early in order to fill out paperwork and for a consultation which will help with the answering of any questions you may have, your expectations for treatment as well as making sure you have no allergies or conditions which can complicate the procedure.

You'll start the procedure in a chair similar to the one you'd see in a dentist's office. Anesthesia isn't required but some doctors will choose to numb the area with anesthetic cream or an ice pack. The whole procedure takes place in 10 minutes and then you can go straight back to work after if you want.

What are the side-effects?
Nausea and temporary droopy eyelid are the most common side effects. Other effects associated with the injection are swelling, localized pain, bleeding, infection, tenderness, bruising, and inflammation. If you are a sufferer of myasthenia gravis, or Lambert-Eaton syndrome or ALS, the risk of serious side effects are increased.

What are the benefits?
Often improvement can be seen within days and may last up to 4 months. The results of the treatment will be noticeable but it won't look as if you'd had cosmetic surgery. As the muscle activity is merely reduced, you can still move your face in a natural way - yes you'll still be able to frown and smile. Make sure you go to a licenced practitioner and look for one that not only deals with facial aesthetics but understands facial anatomy and has a history of doing this procedure.



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