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St Tropez Self Tanning

St Tropez self tan

St Tropez self tan

The St Tropez self tan is a product perfectly placed to capture our twin obsessions - the need for a beautiful, honey colored skin, and our fear of the sun.

St. Tropez self tan has rapidly carved out a successful share of the market, offering the lure of iconic red carpet, silver screen style to everyone - even if you live somewhere like Britain that rarely sees the sun!

What they offer :

St. Tropez self tan does exactly what it says - it offers you the chance of a beautifully bronzed and radiant body, without the need to get outside.

Whether it's because you are afraid of the effects of the sun, because you don't have the opportunity, or because you burn easily, St. Tropez self tan can help you get that radiant sun-kissed colour.

Is it any good?

This is one of those products that people either love or hate. They are one of the original tanning companies, and have spent years perfecting their products.

In addition, this is a product that is used extensively by leading figures from the worlds of beauty, fashion, film and television - these are people who can't get it wrong, so it suggests that it does exactly what it says.

The also offer plenty of information, with hints, tips and master class pointers available via the website. You'll find sections like:

  • Everything you need to know for the perfect tan
  • 10 steps to the perfect tan
  • Our essential step-by-step guide for a flawless finish


This is a well-tested product by a world leader - if you don't want to get an outdoors tan for whatever reason, it's certainly worth trying.

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