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King of Shaves

King of shaves

King of shaves

Owned by KMI (Knowledge and Merchandising Inc.), King of Shaves is a British-based shaving, skin care and grooming brand. They started out small in 1993, but managed to get Harrods in Knightsbridge, to carry their products.

The first year they sold just one bottle of shaving oil every two weeks, with their annual sales just £300. They are now stocked in 30,000 stores worldwide including the USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South America, and have an annual turnover approaching £14.

What they offer :

King of Shaves now manufactures and sells a wide range of premium mass market toiletries and fragrances. Their brands include:

  • King of Shaves
  • Ted Baker Fine Fragrances
  • Fish
  • Ted Baker Bodywear
  • Angelfish
  • Patently Obvious
  • Hed Kandi
  • Ted Baker Beauty

Their products now include those for both men and women, and runs the range from premium-niche to mass market.

Are they any good:

Their products cover the market from mass market through to exclusive designer, and are available for both men and women.

The toiletries market has grown rapidly in the past fifteen years, particularly for men, and this company has tapped into that zeitgeist very successfully. Thousands of people use their products on a daily basis.


If you are looking for an interesting range of cosmetics and toiletries, particularly for men, they are certainly worth checking out.

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