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Weightwatchers food

weightwatchers food

Weightwatchers Food

When you buy Weightwatchers food you are buying from a company that has decades of experience in the diet business.

They are a successful business too, one that has helped many thousands of people lose weight.

Traditionally, Weightwatchers has been through clubs, and more recently, online programs. Now they are offering their own line of weight watchers foods.

What they offer :

WeightWatchers foods are calorie controlled meals that are designed to fit in with the overall philosophy of the program. They give you a chance to watch the calories you intake as well as get some delicious recipes.

Whatever product or service they offer, from clubs to weight watchers foods, they all adhere by four key principles :

  1. All weight loss should be healthy - that means a safe and sustainable loss of up to two pounds per week. Therefore, all their foods will meet current scientific recommendations for nutritional completeness and reduced disease risk.
  2. Fit into your life - your diet plan should be something that is realistic, that works with your lifestyle - that begins with setting realistic goals for achievable, sustainable weight loss.
  3. Information is power - the more people know about the process, the more likely they are to be able to continue their success in the long term.
  4. The approach to weight loss must be holistic and comprehensive. It must therefore include all the elements, such as food, exercise, behaviour and a supportive atmosphere.

Does it work:

This is a program that traditionally gets high marks from doctors and dieticians alike. It encourages exercise and healthy eating, and provides both information and support. The addition of food lines is therefore likely to fit in with this overall healthy philosophy.


A new product from a proven winner in the diet market, this is likely to be a successful way to support your weight loss.




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