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Polar heart rate monitors

polar heart rate monitor

Polar heart rate monitor

In business since 1977, Polar heart rate monitors are almost synonymous with the heart rate monitor market. Designed to help professional athletes originally, this technology has now filtered down to all levels of athlete.

Polar heart rate monitors have become such an essential part of training for so many athletes, that today the company employs 1200 people worldwide, has 21 subsidiaries globally and manages a distribution network supplying over 35,000 retail outlets in more than 80 countries.

What they offer :

Polar heart rate monitors do one thing, and do it very well - they tell you how hard you are working when you are training. This is vital, not just to ensure that you are working hard enough on your hard days, but also to ensure that you relax on your easy days.

Polar heart rate monitors come in a variety of styles and price points, with increasing levels of sophistication, depending on your needs. They now operate a number of different departments to meet your needs:

  • Running & Multisport
  • Cycling
  • Fitness & Cross-Training
  • Club Solutions
  • Coaching & Physical Education
  • Accessories
  • Training Software

Is it any good?

The undisputed market leader, this is the first place to turn if you want to improve your training. By monitoring your performance accurately, you can customize your training to ensure that you are always working at just the right intensity.

Whether your goal is to improve sports performance, enjoy a healthier lifestyle, aid rehabilitation or lose weight, accurately assessing your performance will help you to reach your goals quicker.


One of the most useful training aids you can buy, the great selection available from the market leader means that you can easily find the model to suit your needs and your budget.

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