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Health Express

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Health Express

A pharmaceutical company, Health Express sells a range of medications designed to treat different conditions, including obesity. Their primary product is Xenical, a prescription slimming tablet which works by reducing the body's ability to absorb dietary fat.

What they offer :

Health Express provides Xenical, one of the most popular diet and slimming pills on the market.

Xenical is the brand name for Orlistat, and is available from Health Express by prescription only. Xenical works in the digestive system by reducing the amount of fat the body can absorb.

It must be used in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet to be effective and also requires that users moderate their overall fat intake.

The active ingredient in Xenical attaches itself to fat in the gut, stopping it from being broken down and turned into calories. It has been on the market since 1988, and is widely prescribed by doctors for cases of extreme or long term obesity.

Does it work:

There is no doubt that Xenical can be effective. In clinical trials, 70% of patients lost between 5 and 10% of their body weight in one year. These results were obtained by those who combined a reduced-calorie diet with regular use of Xenical. This was an average of twice as much weight lost than those people who followed the same diet but did not use Xenical.


This company sells Xenical, a weight loss pill that can effective in helping obese people to lose weight - it is prescription only but they offer an online consultation from a qualified doctor.

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