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Buying Propecia online

Are you planning on buying propecia online? There are various ways that individuals can buy this and other drugs over the internet but there are a few things to look out for. The following is only a guide to the pitfalls and procedures to buying propecia online.

  1. Reputable sites: The most important thing to look out for when buying propecia online, is that the site you use is a reputable one. The process should include a consultation online that would have you give your complete medical history. This will confirm if the drug is right for you and the information you submit should be reviewed by a licenced physician. Everything you send in will remain confidencial.

  2. Consultation fees: Upon your first order, you will be charged a consultation fee of approximately ?65 - ?75. If you would be charged significantly more then this, then it would be advisable to look for another online pharmaceutical company. There should also be no charge if you are turned down by the physician if they believe this lifestyle medication isn't right for you. With this initial fee, you should recieve the prescription for your first order as well as a number of refills. It is the norm for most companies to allow for 3 refills over the period of a year.

  3. Spam e-mailsIf you recieve an e-mail or go to some websites that sell propecia for a reduced price, these may not be selling the real drug which is produced by the drug company Merik. It is adviced not to go with these incredible deals as more often than not, you'll be wasting your money on something that may not work.

  4. Generic drugs: It is unadvisable to go with a generic drug as there are no rules and regulations put into place with the manufacturing which means it may be dangerous to your health. Unfortunately if the medication is bogus, you often won't be able to tell for 6 months to a year as the drug doesn't work instantly. Instead of knowing then if the drug is right for you, you may be led to believe that it wouldn't be of help to your condition when in fact it could be!

Overall make sure the product you get is not only right for you but is the genuiene article. In the long run, a little research now will help you make an informed choice and will lead you to the solution that is best for you.




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