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Yoga teacher

Working as a yoga teacher is an immensely satisfying career.

You get to partake in a healthy, life-affirming activity on a daily basis, and have the pleasure of watching others change and grow as they too become familiar with it. Becoming a yoga teacher requires that you take an appropriate training course.

Although there are a number of providers offering courses, only the British Wheel of Yoga Diploma is recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs), the gold standard of certification for all British fitness professionals.

The BWY Diploma is an all-inclusive course that teaches you everything you need to work as a yoga teacher. It has five modules, as follows;

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Stress and Relaxation
  • Philosophy
  • Health and Safety in Teaching
  • Practical Aspects of Teaching
In addition to the diploma, all teachers must hold current First Aid and CPR certification. This is a lengthy course, taking anywhere from two to four years to complete, and requires that you have practised with a BWY recognised instructor for at least two years before you can be accepted onto the course.

However, once you are qualified you will find that this is a field with a growing number of opportunities, in health clubs, adult education centres, and increasingly, in therapeutic settings.




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