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Reflexology in York

The beautiful and historic city of York lies between the Rivers Foss and Ouse, in the north of England. It is a city overflowing with history and heritage - York has 27 conservation areas, 2084 listed buildings and 20 scheduled ancient monuments in its care, as well as one of the country's leading universities. Of all the attractions, the most spectacular is the 800 year old York Minster, the largest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe. But where would you look to find Reflexologists in York? Turn first to theFitMap.co.uk and your search will be easy - within seconds, we will provide a comprehensive list of Reflexologists in York.

York's history is dominated by the Romans and the Vikings. The 9th Roman legion arrived in AD 71, and their settlement soon developed such a splendid collection of buildings, baths, temples, amphitheatres and forums that emperors came to stay here. Two emperors, Septemus Severus and Constantius Clorus, even died here! The Vikings captured the town in 866, and re-named it Jorvik, from which is derived the name York. Although their occupation lasted less than a century, their influence still remains in many of the street names, such as Goodramgate, Micklegate, Stonegate, and Swinegate - the word gate is Norse for street. So start your trip today with a visit to the one health site that has it all.




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