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Reflexology in Southampton

Southampton, situated on England's south coast, has been an important port for centuries. The harbour has been in use since Roman times, and it was from here that the Titanic sailed on her maiden voyage on 15th April 1912. A memorial to the ensuing tragedy can be seen in East Park. These days, Southampton is one of the country's best venues for sailing and water sports, with some of the best marina facilities on the south coast. But where would you look to find Reflexologists in Southampton? Turn to theFitMap.co.uk and it will be quick and easy. You can search by town or postcode, and within seconds have a full list of Reflexologists in Southampton.

You can visit Southampton's past by walking the remains of the city's ancient city walls. The Fourteenth and Fifteenth century towers have been restored, and God's House Tower is home to a museum of local archaeology. Along the walkway you will see several city gates, including Bargate, built by the Normans. Elsewhere in the city is the splendid St. Michael's Church, the oldest in the city, also from Norman times, with its rare font of black marble imported from Tourni. So head today to the one health site that has it all.




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