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Reflexology in Coventry

Coventry, in the Midlands, has a long history stretching back to the eleventh century. With an economy based on cloth manufacturing and leather, Coventry developed into one of the four largest towns outside London. During the English Civil War Coventry took sides with the Parliamentarians against Charles I, and was used to hold Royalist prisoners - the phrase, 'sent to Coventry' originates from this time. But whether you've been sent to Coventry, or gone of you own free will, where would you look to find Reflexologists in Coventry? theFitMap.co.uk should be your first choice - searching our site is easy, and will soon turn up a comprehensive list of Reflexologists in Coventry.

Dominated by its stunning modern Cathedral, Coventry has wide pedestranised streets, modern architecture, and good shopping facilities. The city was rebuilt following a devastating German bombing raid on 14th November 1940. The Cathedral of St. Michael was destroyed, only the medieval tower and spire left standing. The new Cathedral was designed by Basil Spence, and built between 1956 and 1962, alongside the remains of the old Cathedral. So why delay? Head today to the best health site on the web.




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