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Gym memberships

So how do you know gym memberships offer value for money? Well in our opinion - you ask them outright what you are paying for, what they provide to you as a gym member and what their temrs and conditions are.

With gym memberships, you are also looking at the particular gym in question and how it operates:

  • What are the club's opening times?
  • How much is the membership?
  • Is the membership a yearly contract?
  • Can membership be cancelled or frozen?
  • Can I down / upgrade a membership?
  • Are there off-peak prices?
  • Are there showers & changing facilities?
  • Do you have qualified instructors on hand?
  • Do you give fitness inductions?
  • Will I be given a exercise programme to follow?
  • Will a need a doctor's approval?
  • Do you run fitness classes?
  • Are classes included in the membership price?
  • What specific facilities are available?
  • How busy does the gym get? And at what times?

Once you've compared a few facilities, and asked your questions, you'll be ready to make an informed choice.

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