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The most effective temporary hair removal for your legs is leg waxing and for your bikini line. Basically waxing provides a smooth finish with minmum fuss.

Although an ancient technique, because of its incredible results, waxing remains one of the few temporary removal techniques before you consider laser hair removal as a more permanent option.

The procedure for waxing is simple :

Hot wax is applied to skin

A strip of cloth is pressed into the wax

Following the wax cooling, the strip is then quickly pulled away to remove hairs and their follicles

The "ouch" factor commonly associated with waxing is derived from the moment when the strip is pulled away from the skin, taking the hairs with it.

The sensation is much like that of a plaster being removed from a hairy area of the body. Though uncomfortable, the pain is not unbearable, and is only temporary. In exchange for mild discomfort, the procedure removes hair and dead skin cells, leaving skin smooth. Because this procedure removes the hair from the roots, hairs do not grow back for three to eight weeks. After several sessions, you will begin to notice that re-growth is sparser and hair is finer.

The exceptional results can be enjoyed by both males and females. It is fast, inexpensive, and can be done on almost any area of the body. One of the key benefits of a salon treatment is that the professional will be able to access any unmentionable areas far easier than you at home.

If however, you choose to perform an at home treatment, take special care to avoid infecting the skin, and bear in mind that the procedure can be messy, and the consistency can be difficult to get correct. When in doubt, consult a professional.



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