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In response to the dangers of the sun, sunless tanning treatments have grown in popularity and their use in tanning studios up and down the UK has increased massively.

Whether you head to the salon for any of the number of sunless tanning treatments available, or purchase one of the many affordable self-tanning lotion or sprays for at home use, you can safely achieve a well-sought after glow with minimal effort and of course you are not aging your skin with UVB rays or risking burning your skin.

To help you with your quest to go bronze, we though we'd put together a very quick list of simple tips that will help you if your off down the tanning studio now :

Exfoliate your skin twenty-four hours prior to application. Pay special attention to ankles, knees, feet, and neck to ensure a unified colour

Apply in the evening.
  • Apply to one section of the body at a time, avoiding areas you do not wish to colour
  • Use gloves to avoid discolouration or streaking on palms and between fingers. Otherwise, thoroughly was between fingers following application
  • Different areas of the body will accept colour quicker than others. This is especially true for the nose, eyes, and ears. Use a cotton swab, or makeup sponge to even out the application on those tricky areas
  • To prevent light hair from changing colour, apply a layer of conditioner or Vaseline over hairline
  • Wait fifteen minutes after application before dressing, as product can stain clothes
  • To preserve your new look, avoid contact with water for three hours following application
  • You will typically need to re-apply once every three days. This will vary depending on how well you exfoliated, your type of skin, and the product you choose. Gels and mousses are more watery in consistency than lotions and creams, and the results do not seem to last as long
  • Remember that just because your skin is golden, doesn't mean that it is protected. You will still need to apply a UVA/UVB sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher, before exposing skin to the sun for an extended period of time.



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