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Spray tanning

In response to risks associated with unprotected sun exposure, tanning salons are cleaning up on spray tanning treatments as women (predominantly) look for safe bronzing methods that are convenient and cheap.

Spray tanning results in an impressive natural looking simulated bronzing without any sun damage. The process involves a tanning salon basically spray tanning your skin with a mist containing DHA (dihydroxyacetone) that temporarily stains the skin surface.

Rest assured that experts have determined that DHA is considered safe for the skin. Unlike other methods for bronzing the skin, this one is completely odour free. So you do know what to expect when you get down to your local tannign salon? What happens during a spray tanning treatment?

  1. Once disrobed, you will need to apply lotion to feet, hands, toenails and fingernails to prevent discolouration
  2. Place a surgical style cap on your head, pulled tightly against the hairline, to ensure striping on the forehead is avoided
  3. Enter a shower-like tanning booth
  4. Step into a waist high cylinder with nozzles
  5. Assume a stance with legs apart and arms out, take a deep breath, punch the "on" button, and close eyes
  6. The nozzles will rotate up and down for approximately fifteen seconds, dispensing moisturizer and bronzing ingredients in a light, cool mist from head to toe
  7. Once the machine shuts off, open door, take another deep breath, close door, and resume the process for the backside of the body
  8. Stand and air dry for approximately twenty seconds
  9. Towel off extra moisture and dress

It will be a few hours before you notice the treatment take complete effect. After one hour you should begin to notice a slight colouration, and after four hours you should look as though you've recently returned from a vacation in the sun. Because DHA fades as skin cells naturally shed, your new golden look should last between four to seven days. Remember that DHA will not protect you from the sun or UV rays, and as such, if you are going to be exposed to sunlight, you will still need to slather on sunscreen.



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