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More exercise myths uncovered

Other myths are based on half-truths or misinterpretations of verifiable facts.

Weights are only for guys: Though this one still persists, it is definitely weakening! The profound effects that weight training can have both on your appearance and your metabolism means that more and more people are turning to weights. The bottom line it that women who lift weights properly look great!

However, most women who train with weights still don't really go for it, they do a very low intensity workouts which fails to produce the results they could. Why is that? I think the next myth helps to explain it.

I will bulk up and look like a body builder if I do weights: The truth is that this just won't happen unless you try to do it. The massive body builders you see in magazines are genetic freaks who train with immensely heavy weights for two to three hours per day, six days a week, for three to five years in order to look that way. Only about 5% of us even have the possibility of ever looking like that. For the rest of us, even if you train really hard, you'll just look better and burn more calories - who would not want that?

I exercise all day - chasing kids, washing clothes, cleaning house. I don't need to do any more exercise: Sorry, but tiring as these activities may be, they never stress the body long enough or hard enough to achieve a training effect. It has to be pushed above certain levels for a consistent, sustained period to achieve the desired effects. The only way to do that is by exercising regularly.

I'm too tired to exercise after work or after the kids are in bed: I know it sounds trite, but if you can get up and make yourself workout, you will feel better, and have more energy afterwards. A good technique when you're just not in the mood to workout, is to go ahead and get changed anyway - often the mere effort of moving off the couch and changing your clothes is enough to get you rolling, and you go ahead and do the workout.

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