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There are lots of choices for great cardio workouts.

Walking or running: All you need for this is a good pair of shoes. Research shows that walking or running three times a week for at least twenty minutes is a great base for overall conditioning, with either a brisk walk or easy jogging effective in getting your heart rate going sufficiently.

Walking is easy to fit into your day if you are creative - you can walk to and from work, on the school run, to the shops, or even as part of your lunch hour. Even if your job is too far away to walk to, you could always park the car ten minutes form work or get off the bus one stop early to squeeze in some walking as part of your commute.

Cycling is a popular way to stay in shape, and is again easy to fit in if you are creative. You may be able to bike commute, get a home exercise bike to use indoors, or maybe save your biking for the weekends when you have the time for a longer ride.

Other methods of achieving a good home-based cardio workout include stair climbing, skipping, or a mini-trampoline. While you might struggle to do twenty minutes of these at a stretch, ten minutes of one and ten minutes at different times of day will add up to a decent cardio workout.

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