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Gym jargon guide - part 2

Intervals: High intensity training which alternates periods of fast movement (e.g. sprints) with slower recovery periods. The fastest way to improve speed, also very effective for weight loss.

Lactic acid: A waste product of training. As it accumulates in the muscles it slows you down and causes soreness.

Maximum Heart Rate (MHR): The fastest your heart can beat. This declines with age and lack of conditioning, typically in the 150 - 220 range.

Pectoral muscles (Pecs): The large muscles in your chest which work when you push your arms forward.

Quadriceps (Quads): The large muscles on the front of the upper leg.

Repetitions (Reps): The number of times you perform an exercise (e.g. when lifting weights). Fewer reps with heavier weights (less than 8 reps) are best for strength, higher reps with lighter weights (15+) improve endurance.

Resistance Training: The overall name for strength or weight training. Includes training with free weights, machines, resistance bands etc.

Rest: The time when you are not working out. The can mean the short breaks between sets, or days when you do no workouts.

Sets: The number of times you perform a particular number of reps (see Reps). Most people perform 1 - 3 sets of a given exercise, though body builders often perform many more.

Trapezius muscles: The muscles at the top of the back that draw the head backwards and rotate the scapula.

V02 max: The maximum amount of oxygen you can use in a one minute work out. V02 is a standard measure of cardio fitness.

Warm-up: A method of easing in to a workout that allows the heart and muscles to prepare for the work ahead. Usually involves some gentle cardio, and an easy version of the exercise to be performed.

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