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Abdominal workouts and fitness plans

The researchers suggested that abdominals workouts as part of your fitness plans are best served up as a combination of several of the exercises from the top-third of the list. Then doing a five-minute session daily.

Obviously this is sometimes not completely practical, however we have pulled together what this means below to give you a cheats guide to what to do next - workout your abdominals!

  • Exercise Ball crunches :: view the exercise [coming soon]
  • The Captain's Chair :: view the exercise [coming soon]
  • Bicycle Manoeuvres :: view the exercise [coming soon]
  • Reverse Crunches :: view the exercise
  • Vertical Leg Crunches view the exercise [coming soon]
  • The beauty of having a variety to choose from is that if an exercise is uncomfortable or doesn't feel right, you can easily do another. In addition, using a variety of movements will work different muscles and combat boredom.

    In summary :

    Regularly working your abdominals will improve your posture, reduce lower back pain and is essential for long-term health and well being.

    Of course, if a six-pack is your goal, bear in mind that it takes more than just exercise - you also need proper nutrition and a well-balanced exercise routine to uncover those abs!

    So what are you going to do? Keep doing the same old exercises and fitness workouts you've always done, or focus on those that are demonstrated to show results?

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