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Top ten chest workouts : 10 to 6

No. 10 - Cable press

A great chest workout that not too many people use. They utilise the cable's ability to provide consistent resistance through the full range of motion. These are performed standing up, and are good for developing the upper chest.

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No. 9 - Pec deck

A good isolation exercise that works your inner pecs. While many people use this as a finishing exercise, it can also work well as a pre-exhaust before you move on to other exercises.

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No. 8 - Cable flyes

This one exercise offers four variations - standing (high cables), flat bench (low cables), incline (low cables), or decline (low cables). They primarily work the upper chest.

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No. 7 - Dumbbell press

By using dumbbells for familiar exercises, you can give them a twist of something different. Dumbbells also allow you to focus on one side at a time, which will expose any weakness between one side and the other. As with the cable flyes, you can these either flat, incline, or decline. Using an incline bench puts the emphasis on your upper chest, while decline puts the emphasis on your lower chest.

No. 6 - Cable crossovers

A great finishing exercise, cable crossovers work best when you focus on technique and don't try to do too much weight.

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