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New Balance running shoes

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New Balance running shoes

From an unlikely start, New Balance running shoes have become one of the world's best-known makers of running shoes. Started in 1906, by 33 year-old waiter, William J. Riley - fed up with uncomfortable shoes that didn't provide arch support, he made his own shoes. His business blossomed, and in 1928, he began making running shoes for a local club.

By the 1970s, New Balance running shoes had already become one of the leading brands in the increasingly competitive sports shoe market.

What they offer :

New Balance has a unique philosophy - whereas most major companies spend millions on celebrity endorsements, New Balance has a philosophy they call "Endorsed By No One" - their goal is to meet the needs of everyday athletes, and they pursue this goal based on providing a superior product. This sells itself better than any superstar endorsement.

Their shoes are made to fit all widths and sizes, with the aim that a better fit produces better performance.

Are they any good?

Their shoes are indeed worn by millions of runners and athletes world wide, and have a reputation for high quality and excellent fit, without a lot of unnecessary gimmicks.

Their running shoes include designs for every type of runner, including shoes that provide motion control, for midfoot strike, with supportive cushioning, plus lightweight, spikes and comps for racers.

They also carry an extensive range for other sports, such as fitness and basketball, and also offer quality shoes for active kids


One of the best known brands of running and sports shoes, they achieve their reputation based on quality, and meeting the needs of runners and athletes.




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