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Inov-8 running shoes

inov-8 running shoes

Inov-8 running shoes

Based in England's North Pennines, Inov-8.com is a British company that makes specialist off-road running and extreme sports shoes. Inov-8.com are dedicated to making innovative, functional, lightweight products that will enable you to enjoy what you love doing best - running off road.

Inov-8.com uses both local enthusiasts and elite international athletes to test all their products and ensure that they enhance both your performance and your enjoyment when you're out on the trails or the fells.

What does it do?

Inov-8.com builds products for one thing only - off road running. They can therefore pack them with features specifically designed to get the job done.

For example, the uppers are made with highly breathable mesh in the forepart and tongues to keep your feet cool. They also include a unique pumping action so that when you run through water, the running motion works to expel the water from the shoe and help it to dry quickly.

Similarly, the lace webbing is designed to hold your foot securely without altering the natural alignment of the metatarsals, while the backs of the shoes are cut low to avoid restriction of the Achilles tendon - crucial when running down hill.

Is it any good?

The company is owned and staffed by experts with proven track records in sports footwear. Their research and design team also have Mountaineering, Marine, Outdoor and Industrial experience. Finally, their products are tested by an elite team of outdoor athletes in order to make sure that the design works on practice.


With its dedication to a single line of products - off road shoes - this company has maintained its fierce focus and attracted a devoted following of off road runners, from weekend warriors to elite athletes.




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