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Spa & Pool maintenance careers

For those interested in spa or pool maintenance, there are a number of possibilities for training. Whether you find a course that specialises in the basic understanding of spa pool maintenance or look for a more detailed course, Pool maintenance is a great job to pursue.

Some courses are structured with four modules:

  • Introduction to spas
  • Background to spa chemistry
  • Testing spas
  • How to use the spa facility safely

Courses will cover all aspects of spa and pool maintenance including the concept of water circulation, and discuss the associated equipment. Upon completion of the course a student will have an understanding of the circulation system, including circulation pumps, filters, heat exchangers, as well as valves, skimmers, overflow weirs, drains, and inlets.

Other concepts covered will include backwashing or cleaning filters, and different types of filters will be illustrated and discussed, so that students will have the confidence to carry out this simple but essential task. Other areas covered include:

  • Pollution in the water
  • Basic water chemistry
  • Test methods
  • Health & Safety

Courses can also conclude by ensuring you have a general knowledge of all key aspects of pool maintenance.

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