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Holiday insurance

Holiday Insurance is a service notoriously offered by Travel Agents when consumers are booking their annual fortnight away. It is occasionally offered free at the time of booking, but customers are also offered the chance to upgrade their Holiday Insurance at the same time. Consumers are advised to shop around to find the best cover at the most competitive prices when purchasing Holiday Insurance. Policies are widely available at most financial institutions such as Banks and Building Societies. Often Holiday Insurance premiums can be reduced by holders of comprehensive home cover. Those who have increased protection of contents away from the home can often negotiate a reduction in the region of 10-20%.

Cover in this field normally includes travel to and from your destination as well as comprehensive Health cover. In many countries any medical expenses have to be paid for by the individual and this will be covered for people with validated policies. It is advisable to check on the maximum limit of cover in this area as, in extreme cases of serious illness, trips home via air ambulance are extremely expensive.

It is becoming increasingly common for individuals to book their trips abroad as independent travellers, rather than relying on Travel Agents. With the heavy usage of the internet to find foreign villas and apartments, as well as the recent expansion of no-frills aircraft providers, this can result in cheaper vacations. However, the potential for problems is greater, as consumers have no official body, like ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents), to complain to if things go wrong. This type of cover then becomes vital if travellers are booking online. The individual needs peace of mind that they are covered in case of aircraft problems, delays, or apartment problems ? if their residence is robbed for instance. Cover such as this is required to give peace of mind to people when on vacation especially as people generally go on breaks such as this to avoid worrying and stressful situations!




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