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The benefits of creatine

Sometimes you just need to look at the positives. The benefits of Creatine are far-reaching if you wish to build muscle, increase short term strength and endurance and build bulk.

Creatine is a supplement which is often used on patients after surgery to prevent muscle wastage through lack of use. The good news is that the benefits of Creatine can also be used by the bodybuilder, and with no apparent side-effects to date, except for weight gain. So what exactly are the benefits of Creatine? And once you've been using this supplement for a while, how will you be able to recognize the benefits of Creatine?

This supplement basically improves your short term strength and endurance. Once taking the supplement, you will notice that your muscles are more springy in texture due to the water retention. You'll also experience a feeling of 'bursting' energy. You will be able to lift more weight with ease, and you will be able to perform better when doing sets, particularly in the instance that you don't have adequate recovery times between sets. The same results can be found in sprinters. Taking this supplement will improve your first sprint by a small margin, and subsequent sprints, particularly without adequate recovery time, by quite a large margin, usually up to 12-15% improvement.

Unfortunately you will maintain these attributes only as long as you are taking the supplement. Once you discontinue use, your body will return to it's original state. It's also worth pointing out that the long-term effects of use of this supplement have yet to be determined.




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