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Nutracheck food diary

nutracheck food diary

Nutracheck food diary

If you want to use an Award Winning Weight Loss and food diary service - then the Nutracheck food diary could be just the thing. Nutracheck uses only a tried and tested food diary approach that's recommended by doctors and dieticians.

For losing weight a food diary works by making you more aware of your eating and activity habits, and focus' your attention on the problem areas.

For a small monthly fee, your personalised online food diary is confidential and very easy to use. Understanding more about what you're eating is the key to successful weight loss. And if you live on your mobile, then Nutracheck also offers a version you can download.

Register online and set up your profile. Nutracheck calculates personal daily calorie, fat and exercise targets to achieve your desired weight loss. Start keeping your food diary with access to an exclusive food and drink database of up to 30,000 products, which can even be searched using the last four numbers of a product's barcode.


What's included?

  • Access to calorie counter with 30,000 products
  • Personalised daily targets
  • Recipe calculator
  • Food Swap? - a unique tool to help make healthier switches
  • Exercise diary to record calories burned

PLUS the option to count calories on your mobile!

Nutracheck is the only service in the UK offering a version of our calorie counter & food diary for your mobile that synchronises with your online diary.


Membership options

Memberships start from only £7.99 / month. The mobile phone download is a one-off charge of £4.99. A 3 day free trial is available - no credit card details required.

Our users say :

"Because I can choose any foods I don't feel I am being deprived which on previous diets had made me feel rebellious and caused me to binge"

"I've lost 8lbs in 2 weeks and 3 inches off my waist!"


More information :

Why not visit their website to sign up for a FREE 5 day trial and then low monthly prices :





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