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See yourself slimmer

See Yourself Slimmer

If you're planning on slimming and losing weight - by whichever means, See Yourself Slimmer is a simple product that can help motivate you and carry you through those awful days when slimming and dieting seems like the last thing on your mind!!

Slimmers that are about to give up slimming usually fall in to two key camps :

  1. Those that lack motivation to diet
  2. Those that are fed-up of having no weight loss goals to work towards

One of the best known ways to keeping you motivated is to see how good you will be once the weight has come off. This is not just sales talk - it's been proven in independent studies.

So, See Yourself Slimmer is exactly that. It's a way of showing you what you could look like once you've lost weight. Usually slimmers use old photo's to motivate - ones that are out of date and out of fashion! Now you use a current photo of you and then you get back a phot that shows what you will look like after your weight loss.

How does it work?

All you need to do is to send in a photo either by email or mail and include details of your weight loss goals. See Yourself Slimmer then use special software to enhance the image to reduce the weight according yto your requirements.

How much is it?

Prices start from just £19.99 and all photos come with a full money back guarantee. You also get your original photo back too! The most popular options are :

See Yourself Slimmer Photo - returned by email £19.99

See Yourself Slimmer Photo - returned by post £24.99

See Yourself Slimmer Photo - returned as a Fridge Magnet £26.98

A lot of people also choose to order two photo's a front and a side version!

Then what?

Time to stick your slimmer photo wherever temptation is lurking :

  • the fridge?
  • biscuit jar?
  • larder?
  • freezer?

Why not see what ther people say?

"Every time I felt I needed an incentive to keep going I would just look at my slim photo - it made all the difference to have a current day photo of me slim rather than just looking at old photos when I was younger which just weren't realistic" Fiona C

"Since May I have lost 2 stone, thanks the photo has really helped" Michelle B

"It's great motivation to see a photo of what you can look like, rather than looking at old photos of what you were like" Debbie B

"It's given me so much inspiration to keep going on my diet, it is a really unique and positive service you offer" Michaela F

More information :

Why not see our website to order your photo's now and get slimming!:





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