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In motion training

If you want to improve your CPD credentials or get some personal training knowledge, then In motion training courses may be just what you ned. Set up in 2007 by 3 exercise professionals, why not visit their website to find out more.

What do they offer?

If you are a fitness trainer looking for personal training courses to advance your knowledge and understanding then InMotion courses are for you. Each personal training course is developed BY trainers FOR personal trainers. The aim is to deliver up to date information and the practical knowledge to help you become an exceptional trainer.

InMotion Training was developed out of the knowledge, experience and drive of an elite team of trainers with the vision of developing trainers to be the best they can be. Our personal trainer courses follow a clear pathway of development with the objective for you to understand your client's physical form and develop successful and safe programmes.

InMotion currently runs a number of successful personal training courses including Programme Design, Postural Analysis, Assessment, Movement and Boxing. Each course is individually designed and all interlink to make sure you have a complete understanding of these fundamental training disciplines. We are constantly developing new courses in line with current trends and are receptive to helping trainers develop and deliver their own courses.

Who does the training?

Our course leaders are some of the leading UK Practitioners, who are not only exceptionally well qualified but have many years of experience putting their knowledge into practice. We are confident that we can help you become an exceptional trainer and help elevate you above the rest. Having presented at REP's conventions and being the exclusive training partner for One Lifestyle (the largest home based personal training company in the UK) we know what to deliver and are passionate about delivering this to you.


An all-inclusive fitness site, this is a great place to learn the basics of fitness, or fill in the blanks when you are looking for something new to add to your existing workouts.

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