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Bioflow Magnetics


Bioflow Magnetics

The Bioflow magnetics company offers a variety of products designed to provide pain relief, reduce the symptoms of joint pain, arthritis, and rheumatism, improve circulation, and help with many other health conditions thanks to magnet therapy.

Bioflow Magnetics makes a range of different products that can be purchased for both humans and animals. They are used to treat arthritis, rheumatism, sports injuries, poor circulation, blood pressure, skin complaints, chronic fatigue syndrome, and general aches and pains.

Humans can use the wristbands and bracelets, while there is also a range of collars for dogs and cats, and boots and tendon wraps for horses and ponies.

What they offer :

Bioflow Magnetics products are based on the principles of Magnotherapy. Magnotherapy works by applying a magnetic field to living tissue. This is believed to relieve aches and pains and promote healing.

Magnotherapy is growing in popularity as people seek natural remedies - there is a growing dissatisfaction with synthetic medication and drugs, and magnotherapy offers a non-intrusive alternative.

While the effectiveness of these products is yet to be definitively proven by the medical establishment, many top dog breeders and numerous stables will gladly attest to this as an effective natural alternative to costly vet bills and drugs.

In addition, the wristbands and bracelets, made in different styles and sizes to suit both wrist size and lifestyle, provide pain relief and a reduction in symptoms for many people from arthritis, rheumatism, sports injuries, and poor circulation.

Some of the most popular products now include those for men, sensitive skin treatments, Visage, Q10, and Body Reshaping Treatment.

Are the products any good?

Operating on the principles of magnotherapy, this range of wristbands and bracelets for humans, and collars, boots and tendon wraps for animals, has a growing reputation for providing relief where drugs and other treatments have failed.


A leading company offering products across the magnetic therapy range for humans, dogs, cats and even horses to benefit from.




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