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Alpro Soya

alpro soya

Alpro Soya

One of the best known soya manufacturers in Britain, Alprosoya have been making soya-based food and drinks for over 25 years and recently has increased advertising coverage in order to raise it's profile significantly.

Alpro Soya employs over 760 people in four European countries, making a range of healthy, nutritious products using soya beans.

What they offer :

All Alpro Soya products are made from soya beans - this nutritious bean has been in use in China for thousands of years, and today is grown in Brazil, Canada and China.

There are several hundreds of varieties of soya plant, with the most common one providing the yellow soya beans which are used in Alpro Soya products.

Using these beans, Alpro Soya make a variety of products, chiefly for people who are reducing or eliminating dairy food from their diets. These products include :

  • Milk alternatives
  • Yoghurt alternatives
  • Single cream alternatives
  • Desserts

Are the products any good?

For those looking for alternatives to dairy - whether milk, yoghurt or cream - these are good alternative products. The taste is, of course, different from dairy, but most people find that they soon adjust to the sweet, slightly creamy taste.

The company's website is a good source of information about all aspects of soya, including information about exactly what soya is, why it is good for you, a variety of recipes, and a summary of the products on offer.


Europe's leading manufacturer of soya products, the company offers a wide range of dairy substitutes and other soya foods.




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