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Olay products

olay products

Olay Products

The Olay products you see and use today were actually started in the home laboratory of chemist Graham Wulff in the early 1950s. Now known as a brand worldwide (previously also in UK known as Ulay) they offer beauty and skin creams that are great value for money.

Wulff's idea for Olay was to create a brand that not only made women look and feel beautiful, but that was also beautiful in itself - at the time, beauty products were characterised by thick, greasy facial creams.

What they offer :

Olay products are a range that combine leading-edge technology with an understanding of a woman's lifestyle and needs. At present, Olay is best known for its range of anti-aging products.

Olay anti-aging skin care products are designed to moisturize and nourish the skin and thus reduce the number of wrinkles.

For those looking to try Olay products, there are a wide range of free samples available through beauty shops, magazine offers and online, and there is also a beauty specialist available online if you have any questions about what type of products to use for your skin.

Is it any good?

There is considerable discussion in the media about the effectiveness of anti-aging products. While many women swear by them, others are highly sceptical.

If you are new to these products, the best route is to take advantage of the free samples available and see for yourself.

Only by actually trying these products on your skin can you see what all the fuss is about and whether they actually work for you.


This is a long-established company with a world-wide reputation. They sell a wide range of beauty products for women, with the anti-aging range the most popular currently.

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