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Nivea products

nivea products

Nivea Products

Used by millions of people everyday, Nivea Products actually started life way back in 1911 with the creation of skin cream with Eucerit. The founder of Nivea was a German, Beiersdorf O Troplowitz.

The success of its early products has ultimately led to one of the world's most successful cosmetics companies, which since the 1980's has become one of the world's most recognizable brands in Nivea products - specifically skin creams.

What they offer :

The Nivea company is now know for its wide variety of skin and beauty products. Nivea now offers products that include facial care, bath and shower cosmetics, hair care, baby care, cosmetics for men, and sun care products.

Some of the most popular products now include those for men, sensitive skin treatments, Visage, Q10, and Body Reshaping Treatment.

Are the products any good?

These are some of the most popular beauty and cosmetic products on the market, with thousands of people using them every day.

As with any beauty or cosmetic products, the only way to find out if they work for you is to try them - different skin will react differently to different products.

You can find them in almost any beauty shop, from your local chemist to the large city stores, so why not try them out and see if they suit you?


One of the world's most popular beauty brands, this German based company offers an extensive range of products to suit all needs.

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