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Health suites

If you're after the luxury end of the gym marker, then health suites will come as standard. While you will probably not find one at your neighbourhood gym, many leisure centres, health clubs and even hotels ensure a jacuzzi, spa and steam room as well as other health suite essentials liek waxing and massage.

Health suites are where you go to relax, sometimes after a workout, sometimes without even bothering about the workout at all! They are often described as a place to escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life, or a haven for restoration.

Most health suites will feature a pool, a sauna, jacuzzis, spas and steam rooms. Many will also offer either sun beds or upright fast tanning rooms, and also provide the opportunity to enjoy a quiet moment in a lounge area.

So if frantic workouts in a room full of glistening bodies are not your cup of tea, then look to a health suite to provide you with a more relaxed alternative.




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