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Beauty therapists : qualifications

Regardless of the type of salon establishment, beauty therapists need the right qualifications from accredited beauty schools or programs in order to operate professionally. As a key member of the operation, beauty therapists must also be knowledgeable in health, safety, and sanitation standards, and must have passed appropriate examinations by all practitioners.

The beauty industry is growing within the health and lifestyle industry, and it is important that therapists not only have the right qualifications, but that they keep up to date with current trends, techniques, new products and services. Even at top salons, beauty therapists and consultants with accreditation from acclaimed beauty schools must continue their education by attending international beauty shows and seminars. Qualifications and certification should be visibly displayed within the salon environs.

Due to the nature of the procedure of certain treatments (manicures and pedicures especially), it is important that you and your salon take steps to protect you from fungal or bacterial infections. If a health and safety license is not on display, ask the salon or employee to show you their license before receiving treatment. If a license is not presented when you ask, visit another salon.

In addition to checking for licensing, there are a few other things you can check in order to protect yourself :

  • Are supplies clean and orderly?
  • Are instruments stored in disinfectant solution clear of debris?
  • Are towels fresh and clean?
  • Is trash placed in covered wastebasket?
  • Do employees wash their hands?

Worldwide there are many schools and colleges teaching hairdressing and beauty therapy with courses ranging from a three month introduction, to a two-year program in which students graduate with full beautician certification. Depending on where schooling takes place, further training may be required if working abroad. A good hairdresser should be able to suggest styles, cuts, and colours that flatter your face shape, features, and lifestyle. Only hairdressers with international training and qualifications have the experience and expertise to consider these factors and make appropriate suggestions on how to improve and enhance your appearance.

A mark of a good hairdresser is to keep good client records. Professional salons should have a system for recording the services provided to regular customers. The system should record the date of every visit, the services you had, and any problems that arose. This is particularly essential if you regularly visit the salon for hair colouring services. Should you wish to keep the colour you had on your previous visit, the hairdresser will be able to refer to the system to ensure that the same colour is used.



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