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Glossary of Salon Terms

Inflammation of the skin made evident by pimples on almost any part of the body, most often on the face.

A material with the property of repelling water or moisture. Used in the most common artificial nail enhancements.

Finger pressure designed to release muscle tension by applying pressure to energy points.

Anything that produces an allergic reaction.

The internal or external use of essential oils from plants, leaves, bark, flowers, roots, seeds, and resins for beneficial emotional and physical effects. Commonly incorporated into facial, body wraps, and baths.

Otherwise known as a toner. Part of the facial cleansing system, used to control oily skin and lower the ph of face after cleansing.

The act of cleansing the body in water or steam for therapeutic effect.

Bikini waxing
An effective process for removing hair from the pubic region.

A type of pimple that is the result of skin clogged by oils and impurities.

Body and beauty treatments
Various pampering treatments provided by salons or spas for positive physical and psychological effects.

Body scrub
An exfoliating treatment that sloughs skin to remove dead skin cells.

Body Sugaring
A hair removal process similar to waxing.

Body wrap
A beauty treatment in which strips of cloth are soaked in herbal teas and wound around the body.

Products that darken the skin to achieve a tanned effect.

A build up of tough layers of skin typically found on feet and sometimes hands.

Detoxifying the skin of dirt, pollutants and toxins.

Dry brushing
An exfoliating treatment designed to remove dead skin through small circular movements that also serve to stimulate circulation.

A certified professional trained to give beauty treatments.

A skin treatment that sloughs off the upper layer of dead skin cells.

Eyelash perming
Semi-permanent method for curling the lashes.

A beauty technique to open pores, extract blackheads by hand, purify skin, close pores, and revitalise the skin.

False eyelashes
Beauty accessories for enhancing the appearance of eyelashes.

French manicure
A nail treatment characterised by an oval shaped nail, buff or pale translucent pink base, and whitened tip.

Hand and Foot Treatment
Includes manicures and pedicure designed to care for the ankles, hands and nails often followed by a mask to soften the skin.

Herbal wrap (hot and cold)
Warm linen or cotton sheets soaked in herbal teas and aromatic herbs are cocooned around the body and covered by towels to prevent moisture from escaping. Designed to soothe muscles and soften the skin.

Holistic Spa
Specialty salons that focus on alternative healing methods.

A technique for moisturising skin.

A natural sponge used for exfoliation.

Makeup Consultation
A service offered by most full-service salons that focuses on advising clients on the appropriate methods for cosmetic application.

A cosmetic treatment focusing on maintaining and pampering the hands and/or the nails. the fingernails and hands, that includes shaping, massage, and often polishing.

Massage therapy
Manipulating the skin, muscles, and joints, usually with the hands for physical and therapeutic effect.

A cosmetic cream used to hydrate the skin.

A luxurious foot treatment that cares for the feet, legs, and toenails, and as such is helpful in preventing nail diseases and disorders, and improving the appearance of feet.

A tiny opening in the skin that releases sweat.

Therapy used to stimulate fatigue or aging.

A cross between acupuncture and massage that like acupressure works on the vital point of the body.

An acronym for sun protection factor usually found in creams or lotions.

Swedish massage
Most commonly offered and best know type of massage. It employs five basic movements and oils beneficial to the skin.

A cosmetic procedure for dying the eyelashes or eyebrows.

Part of facial skin care regimen, used after cleansing to return skin to natural ph levels.

A method of hair removal characterised by plucking individual hairs from the root.

An effective hair removal process that involves hot wax being applied to skin, pressing strips of wax into the cloth, and quickly pulling away the cloth.



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